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  • Inexpensive exotic look

  • Simple Install

  • Reduce Heat Island Effect

  • Solve Nuisance water, drainage and mud problems

  • Superior Strength

  • Aesthetically pleasing



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XeriBond is what makes XeriTec possible. It is a specially formulated adhesive designed exclusively to bond rock and hard to glue aggregates together. XeriBond is not an MDI or epoxy product, as both of these products will get brittle in the sun (causing cracking) and discolor due to UV exposure.

We Have developed a proprietary ingredient which, on the molecular level, assists in forming a covalent bond to the structure of the silicate. On the smallest level you are not able to distinguish where the rock ends and where the binder begins. The rock becomes part of the binder / the binder becomes part of the rock.

XeriBond vs. MDI and Epoxy:

Epoxy: An epoxy system creates a surfacing that is brittle, not porous and degrades from UV exposure.

MDI: MDI based adhesives create a product that weakens when exposed to prolonged periods of time in water and degrades from UV exposure.

XeriBond: XeriBond is the solution: it does not weaken in water, is stronger than asphalt, retains flexibility, does not degrade from UV exposure and is porous.

XeriBond starts as an Aliphatic base. Several proprietary additives are then introduced, creating a chemical reaction that makes XeriBond the strongest rock and specialty aggregate bonding adhesive on the market. Because of its unique properties, XeriBond binds the aggregate together creating a product that is stronger than asphalt but that also retains flexibility. This flexibility is what allows XeriTec products to bend but not break.

In the photo below we took a 1 sq/ft sample of XeriTec 1.5" thick and suspended it leaving a 6" void in the middle. We then drove a dodge truck on top. As you can see, the XeriTec sample is strong enough to support the weight of the truck but also bends. After removing the truck the sample rebounded to its normal flat shape with no bowing.

In the photo below we took a 6" square sample of XeriTec and froze it. We then defrosted and repeated 26 times. Because XeriTec is porous, flexible and has ample void space, it allows water to freeze and expand without causing any damage to the product.





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