• Paths

  • Patios

  • Garages

  • Sidewalks

  • Parking Lots

  • Pool Surrounds

  • Common Areas

  • Tree Wells

  • Walk Decks

  • Show Room Floors

  • Anywhere you need a good looking, strong, non-slip and porous surface.



  • Inexpensive exotic look

  • Simple Install

  • Reduce Heat Island Effect

  • Solve Nuisance water, drainage and mud problems

  • Superior Strength

  • Aesthetically pleasing



XeriTec is dedicated to providing an aesthetically pleasing, highly functional “green” alternative to standard concrete and asphalt.

XeriTec poured-in-place surfacing acts to significantly reduce the negative impact associated with urban runoff, as well as combat “heat island effect” prevalent in most major metropolises.

Urban, or “stormwater”, runoff is one of the primary culprits of river and stream erosion, water pollution and flash flooding… which has come to inspire Arizona’s “Stupid Motorist Law”. Besides the negative impacts on our natural resources, Urban Runoff containment and diversion has become very costly to states and municipalities around the country.   

XeriTec is a highly permeable paving system which captures and filters urban runoff distributing it back into the ground via natural percolation. This assists in natural groundwater recharge and the redistribution of water into the water cycle. One square foot of the XeriTec poured-in-place system can capture and distribute upwards of 3 gallons of stormwater per minute. 

Because XeriTec’s surface is porous, it won’t retain heat like impervious surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. The large-scale retention of heat by impervious surfaces creates an Urban Heat Island, or quite simply, an area significantly warmer than surrounding, less developed areas. On a small scale, it is why areas immediately surrounding large airports tend to be so warm. On a larger scale, it is why highly urbanized city centers will often be warmer than the suburbs surrounding them.

XeriTec can also assist Architects and Engineers in receiving 7 LEED points on construction projects. See LEED sections SS6.1, SS6.2, SS7.1, MR5.1, MR 5.2, ID 1-1.4 and ID 2.1.   





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