• Paths

  • Patios

  • Garages

  • Sidewalks

  • Parking Lots

  • Pool Surrounds

  • Common Areas

  • Tree Wells

  • Walk Decks

  • Show Room Floors

  • Anywhere you need a good looking, strong, non-slip and porous surface.



  • Inexpensive exotic look

  • Simple Install

  • Reduce Heat Island Effect

  • Solve Nuisance water, drainage and mud problems

  • Superior Strength

  • Aesthetically pleasing




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XeriTec Seamless Surfacing:

XeriTec Seamless Surfacing comes in various colors, is mixed on site with XeriBond Adhesive and hand troweled into place creating a seamless and porous system. Because of it's pour-in-place nature, XeriTec Seamless Surfacing can be troweled to flow around bends and corners and even up stairs in a single monolithic pour.

The XeriTec Seamless Surfacing system can be troweled in at any thickness making it ideal for concrete overlays (patios, garages and driveways etc.) as well as a thicker more durable surfacing for full slab solutions.

When troweled in at 1" or greater, XeriTec is an excellent replacement for asphalt or low volume vehicular concrete.

Because of the porosity rate of XeriTec (over 5 gallons per minute per sq/ft), this system is used as a waste water runoff solution for driveways and in large parking lots.

The radiated temperature from XeriTec is less than other non-porous products so installation also helps reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect.

XeriTec Seamless Surfacing is available in Standard, Deco and Premium Colors. Please visit our color page for examples.

XeriTec is bound together with a specially formulated adhesive called XeriBond. XeriBond is NOT an epoxy system so it will not discolor or crack over time. XeriBond was formulated to withstand the extreme desert heat and UV rays that cause damage to most epoxy systems.


     Water draining through XeriTec Sample



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