• Paths

  • Patios

  • Garages

  • Sidewalks

  • Parking Lots

  • Pool Surrounds

  • Common Areas

  • Tree Wells

  • Walk Decks

  • Show Room Floors

  • Anywhere you need a good looking, strong, non-slip and porous surface.



  • Inexpensive exotic look

  • Simple Install

  • Reduce Heat Island Effect

  • Solve Nuisance water, drainage and mud problems

  • Superior Strength

  • Aesthetically pleasing



Benefits of Choosing Products Made of XeriTec

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Pourous Paving Systems


  • More flexible than other porous pavements i.e., can be utilized in challenging locations where concrete and asphalt are not practical.

  • Helps responsibly manage storm-water runoff – XeriTec can drain 5 gallons of water per sq ft. recharging the underground water table.

  • Reduces heat-island effect – XeriTec’s porosity lets heat escape more rapidly than traditional pavements.

  • Aesthetically appealing – XeriTec produces a sophisticated high-end appearance and is available in a variety of exotic colors. 

  • Durable. XeriTec is stronger than asphalt.

  • Cost effective and less expensive than other decorative finishes.

  • Can be installed over existing hard or soft scape and makes use of existing grading.

  • Simple installation  – Minimal interruption for the customer.

  • Low Maintenance.

·       Applications:

XeriTec is the inexpensive and easy solution for anyone looking to add sophistication and beauty to their landscaping, patio or deck.

XeriTec was born from the desire to incorporate natural stone into artisan design and modern utility.

We have toured the world in order to locate the highest quality products for our clients. Our stones are imported from as far away as Asia, and as close as the Salt River. Our binder is a proprietary formula engineered in conjunction with top chemists for lasting durability.

XeriTec adheres to the principal of "xeriscaping", which demands dedication to the efficient use of our world's most prized resource...water. It is why XeriTec is completely porous and able to retain and filter five gallons of water per foot per minute.

If you or your client demands the best in aesthetics, durability and functionality, then XeriTec is for you.

OUTDOOR- ideal for patios, courtyards, gazebos, landscape trails, landscape edging, walking paths, sidewalks, decks, elevated walkways, pool surrounds, livable rooftops, landscape and garden stepping stones, decorative and accent applications

INDOOR-suitable for kitchen backsplash, shower and tub decors, fireplace surrounds, table and desktops, niches, baseboards . . . you’re only limited by your creativity


  • An overlay is troweled on top of existing surfaces (concrete, asphalt etc) at a 1/2" depth. Quickly and easily transform your ordinary concrete patio or walkway into an awe-inspiring veranda.

Full Slab:

  • XeriTec can be troweled in at a thicker depth that will easily withstand foot and light vehicular traffic. XeriTec can be used in place of concrete or asphalt and is a permanent replacement for stabilized DG.

Be Inspired:

XeriTec was born of creative inspiration. Let the power of creativity allow you to find your own application for XeriTec... and let us know about it.

Questions, comments or ideas... give us a call. One of our Xeri-reps will be happy to assist you in any way possible. (602) 954-0000.




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